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Release TwitterPod beta2

TwitterPod is Twitter client for Mac OS X. TwitterPod adoption of Core Data. So TwitterPod can store logs to database and search Twitter logs quickly like Mail.app. I'll introduce TwitterPod features with screenshots.

【1】 Powerful Search
ピクチャ 8.png

TwitterPod have a search field at Top right of main window. if you input keyword to that field. You can search Twitter logs incrementally.

【2】Quick Reply
ピクチャ 2.png

Double click username field of column at table view. TwitterPod insert @username to message field and filter logs from username. You can reply message quickly.

【3】Coordination with Growl
ピクチャ 7.png

This is most requested feature from friends. TwitterPod coordinate with growl and notify new Twitter message via Growl.

【4】Smart Drawer
ピクチャ 4.png

If you enable Smart Drawer feature from preference. When you click message it is include URL, TwitterPod automatically open drawer and preview URL in drawer. if you have a interest at URL, please double click message. TwitterPod open URL via Default Browser.

【5】Coordination with Google maps
ピクチャ 6.png

Your selected message include [location info]. and you click i button at toolbar. TwitterPod search location info via Google maps. and preview it in drawer. furthermore TwitterPod have a location input field at bottom right of main window. if you set location information it TwitterPod include it to message automatically.

【6】Background Image
ピクチャ 9.png

TwitterPod window can customize background image, font color and transparency from preference. You input image URL and check Use BG Image button. You can set Background Image at main window.

ピクチャ 5.png

Those settings can modify from preference window.Update interval and enable Growl's setting have to restart TwitterPod.

Please feedback and request feel free.

Download Here