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Today's wine


Drinking wine now. This wine has purchased at Calmart which is near super market from my apartment. I also bought the cheese and prosciutto at italian glossary store. This is really happy time.

The wine is "Calistoga Cellars 2006" from Napa Vally. The test is fruity. I like it much.

DSC00187.JPG DSC00194.JPG DSC00162.JPG DSC00165.JPG

This is Cal-Mart

DSC00166.JPG DSC00167.JPG DSC00168.JPG DSC00170.JPG DSC00171.JPG DSC00174.JPG

I took some picture by NEX5. This super market's advantage is variety of vegetables.

DSC00175.JPG DSC00176.JPG DSC00177.JPG

I found some interesting drinks here (I haven't got it this time).


Through the gate I can see my favorite italian glossary store.

DSC00180.JPG DSC00182.JPG DSC00181.JPG

This panini is really delicious too.


Omg! My most nearest Jamba Juice was closed! I'm very sad...

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