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Perfect bath time solution

2010-03-05 23.34.46

I had spent a really enrich bath time today. Because I could have watched with PSP Go, EQ7 Bluetooth speaker and iStand.


When I met Nobi-san once before at MacWorld2010, I saw iStand from him. I had a really impressive at that time for it.

2010-03-06 00.58.05

iStand is really simple item which is iPhone stand. It's working with a sucking disk. This designed for iPhone originally but it is working with many gadgets like nexus one and PSP go as well.

2010-03-05 22.52.16

Especially, it is best for PSP go for watching video in the bath. I also have EQ7 bluetooth speaker then I can output the audio from it. It's really perfect! Unfortunately, It is a little bit difficult to buy it in US. But the seller is really thinking to do it in near future. I heard it at Idea Digital Studio at Roppongi Midtown when I bought it. Just wait a little longer!

I attached more photos at end of this entry.

2010-03-05 22.52.16 2010-03-05 22.52.38 2010-03-05 22.52.56 2010-03-05 22.53.18 2010-03-05 22.54.07 2010-03-05 22.54.28 2010-03-05 22.54.46 2010-03-05 22.54.58 2010-03-05 23.34.46 Midtown Midtown Midtown Midtown Midtown Midtown


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